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The Writer has recently finished Prayer #5 "The Prayer of Remedy" which he started about 1 month or so ago, and has posted it online. The 8th Psalm [BATTLE] is still not finshed though will likely be worked on consecutively now after writing of the last prayer [HEAL].


The Lion Writer has began the process of creating a "more englisized", and also "Generic" versions of each psalm, and well just as with Psalm 8, and so forth there is no definite time frame as to the completion of them.




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Posted: 9-3-2016

Posted: 2-21-2016

Posted: 12-1-2015

The Writer has completed about 1/3 - 1/2 of the Psalm [BATTLE] that he had started writing early this year, and will likely be the longest psalm that he will write then after that he will focus less on spiritual offense though the one that comes after #8 will probably be "mildy" directed in this facet, and more on a "Moderate" length as much is required of him. #10 will likely focus more on initial wisdom / NT, but may still use OT Quotes. Prayer #6 is mostly written [CLEAN], and was started recently.

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Note (4-7-2017): The Author Has not given up on Writing, but has currenly taken the opportunity to rest, and recover for a while from writing, and focus more on the website for a little while at least, and in the mean time plan for the future in finishing the rest.